Main: The cronies and associates tab allows you to communicate via the chats or PM one of your associates. You can see the activity of your cronies, such as when they play on bills or introduce their own bills. You can also see the amount of Clout your cronies possess from this screen, and promote/demote assossiates/cronies.

Party Post: A place for only members of your party to talk. Talk here is still at risk of being overheard by spys from other parties, of which there are a few.

Team Post: Shows the chat for your team, whether it be Libertarian and Conservative (Right wing) or the Socialists, Liberals, and Greens (Left wing). Contains even more spies then party post.

Global Post: Entire game chat. Q, the games developer, will speak with your through here. Only the SOTH and Q can post stickies in here, whereas the others only require you to be CT3.

PAC: Your Political Action Committee, if you're part of one. Private chat for groups. Rank 1 people own the PAC, and can add or kick people, distribute funds, and promote everyone in rank. There can only be ONE Rank 1 per PAC. Rank 2 people can add or kick people, and distribute funds. They can also promote/demote people to rank 3. Rank 3 people can add or kick people, but cannot promote anyone.

The Devil's Inn: This is where Clout politicians and lobbyists from The Lobby can interact. The lobbyists are typically drunk in such encounters. (Characters in the Lobby can purchase alcahoal to refill there santity, a stat similar to energy and stress in Clout. Drunk lobbyists have *hic* and *burp* inserted to thier messages). You can view lobbyists by clicking on thier name at the sidebar, but not other congressmen.

Personal Messages: Your mailbox. Here you will receive mail from congressmen or just spam mail sent by the game. Occassionally Deep Throat messages you, with a number corisponding to a congressmen with scandals or a set of bill statistics. You can see what mail you have sent also. Messages are automatically deleted after a period of time.