Honorable Mentions: Edit

This section is an area to dedicate the great players/characters that have either died, left us, made a wondrous contribution (good or bad), or were just beloved by all their peers. Some players who are still living may be included. [D] means dead

Libertarian Greats: Edit

- Kang [D] (Lifetime Clout: 273100)

- Max Bennet [D]

- King of Iowa

- Clint Courage

Conservative Greats: Edit

- Monsieur Aise

- Samuel Pile

- King Paul II

Liberal Greats: Edit

- Moses Malone [D] (Number one in Hall of Shame, Lifetime Clout: 2780697)

- Frank Underwood (Moses Malone's re-roll, currently second highest on the cloutiest

and de-facto leader of the liberal party)

- WesleyD [D] (Lifetime Clout: 1769237, Second highest in the Hall of Shame)

- Melchy [D] (Lifetime Clout: 1353109)

- Charlie Wilson [D]

Green Greats: Edit

- Dexter Morgan

- Brannigans Law [D] (Lifetime Clout: 375717)

- David Sariff [D] (Lifetime Clout: 221187)

- El_Raton [D] (Lifetime Clout: 1675963)

- I. C. Wiener [D] (Lifetime Clout: 1019662)

- Rhysdog [D] (Lifetime Clout: 281468)

Socialist Greats: Edit

- SupremeGall [D] (Lifetime Clout: 1297651)

- Smooth [D] (An infamous player who became inactive)

- kiran [D] (AKA the zombie speaker)

Others: Edit

- Lynxie [D] (craziest guy in Clout history, once led a big group with purpose to destroy the country, he would've made it if not for going offline)