Sanity is a stat in The Lobby, much like stress and energy in Clout. Lobbyists lose sanity as they move around the world of The Lobby, usually from dealing with annoyances in the city or witnessing strange events that occur around the world.

The main loss of sanity is from walking around town, which can be mitigated by taking taxis instead of walking. You also lose sanity from interacting with Etherium Rifts that appear around the world, the Etherium Forge in Quiet Hill, going through invasive security checkpoints at airports, and taking unnecessary actions in some random events.

When a lobbyist loses sanity through events, an indication of how much sanity they lose is given in parenthesizes at the end of the dialogue option. Rarely, some events allow you to gain sanity, where how much sanity you gain is also similarly indicated. However, some options and indicate a sanity gain are immediately followed by forced sanity loss, such as when arguing with the security officer at capital hill or occasionally when helping pick up spilled papers after you bump into someone in various places(possibly only happens in capital hill).

Bars and AlcoholEdit

Sanity is mostly raised by ordering drinks in bars and staying there for however long it takes to finish the drink, currently set at 10 minutes for all drinks. Sanity is gained every two minutes, at a rate of 1/5 of the drinks sanity gain every two minutes. While going outside while drinking will result in losing any sanity and inebriation gain, you can safely talk to the bartender and go to the news stand while drinking to update the page.

Drinking Alcohol to restore sanity also increase inibriation, a stat which appears alongside sanity gain in the drink's dialogue option. Being inibriated causes messages to appeared slurred when they are posted in bars or conference rooms. Currently there are no other effects of high inibriations, so players can safely restore their sanity with high-inibiration drinks even after they reach "very drunk". Your current inibriation is indicated by bubbles that appear next the sanity count after drinking alcohol.

A list of bars and their drinks can be found on the Bars page.