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On the info page, you can keep track of:

- how many undiscovered scandals have been committed by all players, and how many of these you are responsible for

- your re-election chances

- newsworthy events which are reported in The Clout Examiner including assassinations, assassination attempts, legal challenges for bills (and results of), and so forth. Career ending scandals (ex: Assassination Conspirator), legal challenges for bills, assassination attempts, and congressmen who've lost election/barely won can be found on the first page, while other, more minor scandals, various skulduggery and other events can be found on pages 2, 3 and 4.

"Campaign Contributions"Edit

Here you can accept money bribes to introduce and pass specific bills. The Clout cost is the cost to introduce the bill at all - you will receive Clout for passing the bill as with passing any bill.

You can introduce bills outside party lines, although it will cost you a chunk of constituent support upfront to introduce it, and more CSP to support such a bill.


Investigations, depending on degree of success, will permanently reveal some of your target's stats and status. Prior to any investigations, you will be able to see any character's equipment and one of their four stats. Cash is the last thing to be discovered by investigations, and requires a critical success. A failed investigation, unsurprisingly, will yield no additional information.

Investigations are also the only way to discover scandals. There's a small chance to uncover a scandal, depending on how many have been committed. Scandals can be discovered on any level of investigation success, minor, normal, or critical. You can release scandals from the investigation results page. You can also blackmail the target with them.


Keep in mind that each and any of these actions may cause a serious scandal every time they are used.


Cost Success Chance Effect

Thug Assault



The target may be taken out of the game and be unable to support bills and/or perform other actions.




Steals money from the target which is given to you, essentially transferring money from their account to yours, assuming you are not the victim. Investigations prior to this mission would be helpful to see how much money they have to steal.




Can kill the target, resulting in a new Clout Tier 1 character and a fresh start (in theory; see "Offshore Accounts"), or alternatively can send them into a coma and knock them out of the game for a period ranging from a few hours to a few days.

VIP Assassination $250000 40% Can kill a VIP

Media Slander



Target may lose support from party or even be kicked out of office.

Think-Tank Payoff $20000 95% Makes Rational Debate in support of the bill strong on your bill.
Gerrymandering $70000 100% Improves your re-election chances by a random, flat percentage. Lasts 30 days.
Police Payoff $200000 100% Chance of lowering or getting rid of police protection during an Assassination or Thug Assult

Campaign ManagementEdit

In this section are a number of items to help you manage your constituent support, either by raising it through advertisement and public appearances or through getting rid of potential scandals.

Campaign Ads Edit

Action Cost Completion Time Success Chance Effect
Run Attack Ads $10000 3 Days 100% Most effective if constituent support is already high. Could hurt if it is low
Run Self-Promotional Ads $10000 3 Days 100% Increases [[constituent support|support], but is capped (possibly around 100% support?)
Televise Congressional Speeches $80000 1 Day 100% Magnifies the increase/decrease of constituent support from ability play by 4 times.

Scandal Coverup Edit

This allows you to coverup scandals you've committed. This removes them from your list of undiscovered scandals. If a scandal was discovered by an investigation but not yet released, a coverup will prevent its release, as the sources and leads on that scandal dry up. Of course, already-released scandals cannot be covered up.

Type Cost Scandals Removed Time to Complete Notes
Quick Scandal Coverup $10000 1-4 2 Days Only removes minor scandals.
Thorough Scandal Coverup $20000 2-6 3 Days Only ineffective against the worst (most serious) scandals.
Intricate Scandal Coverup $50000 6-10 5 Days Effective against any scandal.

Public Appearance Offers Edit

This is primarily a way to convert energy into cash. Once accepted, the energy is deducted and stress increases by 8%. You cannot accept another offer until the current offer is completed. It completes at the nightly reset, which is when the money is given to you. You also gain clout and constituent support when you complete an offer, which offers that give less money usually providing more clout/support.