As of the end of January 2015, the lobby is still in closed beta. Most of the Foundation missions have yet to be finished, and many areas are lacking in content. Check the forums for updates:

The Lobby is the second a game in the Cloutiverse. In it, the player takes on the role as a lobbyist from one of five lobbyist firms, who bribes Congresspeople from Clout to advance that firm's agenda. Players can move about the world of the Lobby freely, visiting various places around Washington D.C. along with various other locations around the world.

The main method of gaining money in the lobby is by taking missions from the mission terminal in your lobbyist HQ to bribe congressmen. Most missions consist of either having a congressmen vote in favor/against bills that have been put into committee by a Conference Committee, play abilities for/against bills of a certain party, or play abilities for/against certain specific bills.

Lobbyist can also give tokens that grant items in addition to cash to Congressmen. Lobbyists affiliated with one of the four Dark Gods can also give Clout Tier 4 players Dark God Tokens to corrupt Clout players, while Templar/Illuminati affiliated Lobbyist can give Clout players Purification Tokens to allow Clout players to remove Dark God items and some corruption.